Our 3rd Birthday means 3-Years of Market Returns

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Wanderer Financial 3 year birthday

As a lone trader, it's hard to beat the performance of the stock market. Especially if you're like the stressed-out guy I recently met who is burning through his hard-earned and carefully saved trading account, one loss at a time. From his telling, he's like a dog chasing his tail.

What did I learn from our chat? As it turns out, this lone trader doesn't have a long-term trading plan, doesn't have a consistent strategy, and doesn't practice sound risk-management principles. He understands the mechanics of trading but listens to loud TV talking heads for stock picks. He has a hard time cutting his losses (in large part because those TV guys never revisit what to do with their losing trades) and as a result, his performance is consistently worse than the Dow.

Unfortunately, this is a story we hear a lot. Does it sound familiar? If it does, it doesn't have to be this way. Trading on your own – without a mentor to use as a sounding board – can lead to bad habits that end in losses. Wanderer Financial breaks you out of that zone. As a member, you’ll develop trading skills that build on a solid financial foundation with professionals to turn to for help. You’ll appreciate our unique environment that is fun, friendly, and supportive.  In addition to our live trade alerts and weekly market updates, our members reap the benefits of participating in Basecamp - our interactive live daily chat.

Since launching Wanderer three years ago, we have more than doubled the performance of the DOW. We've done this while spending much of our time in cash positions, only putting our money to work on the best setups, and avoiding the huge downturns that the market has seen lately. Our number one rule is capital preservation through strict risk-management. With that in place, the profits come.

So, if you're anything like the stressed out trader I mentioned above, I hope you'll join us at Wanderer so you can learn how to take that stress out of the markets.

To celebrate the Big Day, Here are 3 Big Reasons to Join Wanderer Today:


  1. As a Stress-Free Trader, you'll be the cool one when everyone else is sweating.
  2. You'll be able to profit when the market goes up AND again when it's going down.
  3. Your "inner circle" will now include the most adventurous, well-traveled, friendly, intelligent, kind-hearted, fun-loving, accomplished, independent, experienced, diverse, and helpful group of people ever to assemble in one virtual daily chat group. (This just might be your favorite part of being a Wanderer!)

We’ve got a lot more reasons if you need them; just shoot us a message with any questions you have. Otherwise, we hope you join us!

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