For many, a Wanderer Membership is the first step in their journey to the rest–and best–of their life.

It's the Stock Trading System dedicated to those who want to actively grow their portfolios, while at the same time gain more freedom in their lives. For some, freedom simply means a way to earn money away from a cubicle and desk. For others, freedom is knowing there is a safe way to grow their portfolio. For many of us, freedom means the ability to hit the road and live out our dreams. Maybe for you (and us) it's a little bit of all of these things.

A Wanderer Financial Stock Trading System membership is often the first step people take on their journey towards this type of freedom. Our trading philosophy is to keep it simple and safe, and you'll find those rules on display throughout our website, Weekend Update, and Basecamp. Over the years of funding our wandering lifestyle through trading, we have built trading techniques that are easy to understand and implement. These techniques consist of carefully managing risk, so our hard earned dollars remain where they belong—in our account, working for us.

With 50 years of combined experience, we have developed a system that combines time and price in a way that minimizes risk, while getting us in at the very early stages of significant price moves. With our tried-and-true formula of carefully measuring risk against potential reward, we avoid major portfolio drawdowns. This system protects us from substantial losses, while at the same time keeps us in our winning trades long enough to maximize our profits. In other words, we cut our losses quickly, and let our winners run. Best of all, none of this requires us to be sitting in front of our computer screens all day.

One way we accomplish this is by managing risk at all times. Having protective measures in place from the start of every trade gives us the freedom to relax and enjoy life!

The good news is it's not too late to get started! Join us, and fellow like-minded Wanderers today, and you too can gain the freedom to live the mobile lifestyle.

Don't just take our word for it.

Joe H says,
"The first trade I ever made was in early June shortly after signing up. I had read through all the previous published weekend updates and trading articles. I learned how to make a buy and sell and how to protect myself with a stop order. I follow the alerts and let the winners run and stop the down swings with a small loss. The results have been excellent, my gains have been significant. I could not be happier with the well written weekend updates and with the personal trading advice."

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Experience how easy it is to learn, trade, safely grow your portfolio and enjoy everything life has to offer without being tied to your computer screen. An annual membership costs just $699, and many of our members report making up their membership cost with a successful trade or two soon after joining. Become a Wanderer member today and you too could be well on your way to achieving the wandering lifestyle you desire!

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