If you’re happy with your Wanderer Financial membership, we want you to spread the word–and we want to reward you for doing so! Invite a friend to become a member of Wanderer Financial, and they’ll get an additional $50 discount off of their first year’s membership.

When they do sign up, as our thank you, you’ll also receive a $100 credit towards your next membership renewal. Refer two friends, and you'll get $200. Refer three friends and, well, you do the math...

In order for credit to be properly applied, referrals must be made using the share links on your unique member referral page. You must be logged into your Wanderer Financial Member account to find your Referral Program page.




  1. Make sure you're logged in.
  2. Choose your share method–Facebook, Twitter, or via email. Click Send.
  3. That's it!
  4. It's easy to track completed orders that get credited to your account. Your referrals will be visible on your account page. Visit My Account>Referrals. It's that easy.
  5. Happy Sharing.

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